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Kuala Lumpur city is sitting on Karstic limestone geology with high ground water table. The Special Features of Karstic limestone include cliffs, pinnacles, cavities, collapsed cavities and sinkholes. Overlying these Karstic limestones is loose alluvium from previous tin mining activities.

Due to the nature of the soil condition, much thought and planning was channeled towards the selection of a construction method that would have minimal negative impact on the geological
condition of the soil.

Some Features of Karstic Limestone Bedrock

It is known that the tunnel boring machine is the most advanced and cost effective method used in the construction of tunnel in Europe. However, TBMs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, using a variety of technology according to need. For SMART, after much research, study and survey, the Slurry Shield TBM was opted for. This machine is designed to overcome problems of groundwater drawdown which has been identified as the root cause of incidences of sinkhole appearance.

In terms of cost, the slurry shield machine is not different from any other type of TBM but unlike other types, the slurry shield machine is designed to create a pressured shield made up of bentonite and air pressure.

This pressured shield is able to counter balance the pressures of the groundwater and loose soil acting on the face of the boring machine.

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